Klavieruntericht in Schriesheim und Heidelberg mit Martin Smith für Erwachsene und Jugendliche.

Martin Smith bietet auch Coaching und musikalische Konzertvorbereitung an. Liedbegleitung und Probenbetreuung im Kronberger Forum mit Renate Wieland. Vortragskonzerte und Interpretationskurse. Das alles mit Martin Smith in der Dr. Hermann Brunn Straße 13 in 69198 Schriesheim!

Piano lessons for adults

I offer piano lessons for adults who already play the piano or another instrument. As my work has a holistic focus and builds on the ability to reflect and use self-perception while playing, it is less suitable for beginners, children or teenagers. The goal is a strong, accomplished achievement, which however develops without the pressure to achieve.


My own emphasis is on classical piano literature, but I’m open to and interested in a different focus, eg rock, jazz, songwriting, improvising, discussing compositions. We can speak German or English in the lessons.


What I offer

  • Piano lessons for adults who already play the piano or another instrument
  • Preparation for entrance examinations in piano at music colleges and conservatories
  • Follow-up lessons for music college graduates
  • Course work with Dr. Renate Wieland in the Kronberg Forum for Musical Interpretation

How I work

I teach 45 or 60 minute lessons at my home in Schriesheim, near Heidelberg. I also work using Skype with people living further afield or abroad. Lessons take place during school term-times. Most people have a weekly lesson and pay a monthly fee. Other arrangements can be made, such as sporadic single lessons or courses of 10 lessons, which are paid for in advance and valid for 12 months.