Klavieruntericht in Schriesheim und Heidelberg mit Martin Smith für Erwachsene und Jugendliche.

Martin Smith bietet auch Coaching und musikalische Konzertvorbereitung an. Liedbegleitung und Probenbetreuung im Kronberger Forum mit Renate Wieland. Vortragskonzerte und Interpretationskurse. Das alles mit Martin Smith in der Dr. Hermann Brunn Straße 13 in 69198 Schriesheim!

Some comments from pupils

“I learn even when I’ve done little or no practice.”

“Through the relaxation work I can cope better with nervousness and stage fright, can play in public in a more relaxed way.”

“Lessons encourage me – also boost my self-confidence.”

“Pleasant atmosphere, which is nonetheless work-intensive and productive.”

„Motivating – through resourceful, imaginative ideas.“

“Flowing, holistic feeling when playing.”

“Scope to learn through my own experience and to take the initiative myself.”

“Good, open – which includes critical – conversations, convincing personality.”

“Open-mindedness, versatility, also regarding choice of pieces – openness for all kinds of music.”

“Good concrete ideas and imaginative tips for practising.”

“Commitment, capacity for enthusiasm, calm composure, easygoingness, endless patience, empathic sensitivity, flexibility.”

“Positive attitude to the pupil and personal interest in him or her.”

“Holistic teaching, which addresses the whole person on a physical and emotional level.”